“The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living on a small piece of land”
Abe Lincoln

I don’t remember where I was, where it came from, or what I was doing, but this quote by Abe has become a part of me.  Occasionally, I hear magic phrases, quotes or a string of words that capture my attention, speak to me if you will, and demand that I write them down for future daydreaming.  More than once I’ve gone on internet surfing expeditions trying to find his words of wisdom in a speech or book….no such luck.  I wonder who he was speaking to?  What frame of mind was he in?  Did he somehow see the future and what industrialization has done to the land?

Back then, most of the country was populated with small farmers…so why would he need to state the obvious.  I may never get those answers but nonetheless, this quote speaks truth in volumes.  Look at what we can produce on our small century family farm of 160 acres.  Look what others are doing on small 2 and 3 acre urban farms.  Even city rooftop gardens and new hydroponic turnkey containers are producing bushels of healthy and delicious food.  It can be done, is being done, and will continue to expand as agrarian souls put passion into their craft. Maybe Abe was a visionary…maybe he shared my vision for the land…to nurture it, treat it with respect and use it to increase health, wealth and wisdom for generations to come.

The weather continues to be cruel…almost like a record that has a deep scratch…it’s spinning as it should, playing thru the track list…then it skips over and over, playing the same phrase.  I think our record is skipping, stuck on the “end of winter” track.  I did chores over the weekend and just before I put the tractor away and headed inside, remembered the water tanks might be frozen.  Yep, a miniature ice rink had formed overnight.  So there I was, chipping away, breaking up an inch layer of cold water and ice….in April! The 10-day forecast looks just as miserable.  At Easter dinner with the family I joked that if I’m lucky I might get to farm this year.  I’m sure in July I’ll look back at this entry and laugh as I beg for shade and cool glass of water.

If you’re wondering why my blog is posting today versus yesterday, you can thank the cute kid in the photo.  That would be my 1+ year old, Reign.  See, I like to get up early on Monday, sip my morning coffee, hope to see a beautiful sunrise and finish up my thoughts for the week and hit send on the blog.  I guess she heard the teapot whistle and got up with me….so much for serenity and reflection of the soul.  I’m obviously biased but I think she’s pretty cute….so I figured the blog could wait another day.  She won’t be this age forever so I’m enjoying every sunrise I can with her!