Can you see the hint of green?  It’s in there, look closer. I’m hoping we are one warm rain away from it popping!  That being said, the 10 day forecast doesn’t look all that promising for a warm-up.  I’m predicting a late spring planting this year.  Regardless, we will start prepping the machinery and seed and be ready when it’s fit.  Last year we put organic oats in early on a beautiful spring day and then 2 weeks later, after they had emerged and were green, a hard freeze killed them.  My Dad is 72 and he said he’s never had that happen to his oats.  Oats are very hardy and a cold weather resistant crop.  Generally speaking, you should be able to plant them in early spring and not have to worry about a cold night wiping them out.  I actually like this aspect of farming, never really knowing what is headed your way one week to the next….maybe it’s my inner gambler that likes it, the fiscal conservative in me not so much.

It was spring break here at the farm this last week and we were able to unplug and take my two boys to a waterpark.  My 1 year old daughter got to stay home with her auntie…the boys were quietly thankful for that!  A good time was had by all and it’s always nice to break the winter blues before spring.  The only problem with an unplug is you eventually have to plug back in and we all know what that looks like. Happy Monday to me!

Last week I had gone off on my idea to fund serious change by a $1/day investing concept.  Wouldn’t you know the Securities Exchange Act of 1933 doesn’t allow this type of common sense investing.  After the 1929 stock market crash, the government swooped in to protect the small investor with all sorts of regulations.  Almost 100 years later and those same laws are still in place.  Unfortunately, it would take hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyer fees to register my fund.   I would argue those laws have created the opposite effect….keeping the almighty banks in power and holding the “small folk” at bay from creating grass-root movements.  Lest you think I’m all doom and gloom on this Monday, there may be a new investment model available to like-minded groups like us.  Thanks to the 2012 JOBS Act, there is a provision that allows unaccredited investors (see common folk) to provide equity for entrepreneurial undertakings.  There may be other similar companies out there but one of my readers recommended a company called Wefunder.  I’ll be reaching out to them this week and hopefully my dream can become a reality sometime this year.  If anybody out there has other suggestion for a crowdfunding platform I’m all ears.

March is the month for mud, and we are doing our best to keep the cattle “high and dry”.  We should have plenty of bedding to get us to the end of April which is always a good thing.  The pigs over at our friend’s farm are growing quickly and we anticipate they will be here within a month.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted on their progress once we have them in house.  Who doesn’t love photos of a cute pig?

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but do me a favor and forward this email to anybody in your life who might enjoy it.  Hopefully there are others who wouldn’t mind a little taste of the “farm life” on a weekly basis.  I’ve made to week 11, something I honestly wasn’t sure I could do.  I’ve started blogs before but always got busy and they died before they got up to steam.  I actually like writing them…I think it makes me stop and appreciate my life each week…the good, the bad and everything in between.   I definitely know it makes me stop and think, almost daydream throughout the week.  Although, I don’t think lack of daydreaming, thinking big and outside the box has ever been a problem for me….just ask my family!