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    Each month, we offer various products at special prices. Be sure and check the order page each month to see what's on special.

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  • Beef

    We believe that cattle should be:

    • 100% Grass-fed
    • Organically-raised
    • No hormones or antibiotics used
    • Sustainably-raised

    The key to producing great grass-fed beef is not easy. It involves a balance of the following elements:

    • Healthy Soil
    • High-Quality Forages
    • Correct Animal Genetics
    • Rotational Grazing/Management/Animal Husbandry
    • Professional Processing/Handcrafted Butchery

    We think after 12 years that we've got it figured out. Our grass-fed beef is not only better for you but has great flavor.

    Our family has 160 acres of organically raised pastures and hay near Keystone, IA. We also work closely with a few other families that produce 100% grass-fed beef under the same strict guidelines.

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  • Pork

    We provide 100% “Fresh-Air” Pork that is raised in a non-confinement environment with plenty of access to fresh air and sunshine….maybe even a little mud! We have 3 farms that we work with in Iowa. Aberdeen Farm, Berkwood Farms, and Rinderknecht Farm.

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  • Turkey

    Wallace Farms offers our customers truly pasture-raised turkeys! Our birds are unique in the world of poultry production for many reasons. We work primarily with John Peterson, who is a 3rd-generation turkey farmer near the town of Cannon Falls, MN. During good weather the animals are outside 100% of the time and supplemented with a variety of grains throughout the year, including flax seed. Our animals are never given any antibiotics or hormones. We process the birds at a custom USDA facility that specializes in turkeys. While there, our turkeys are always kept separate from those raised on factory farms. The facility does not use any chemicals, unlike all of the “traditional” turkey processing plants. Additionally, we do not add the traditional basting solution of water and salt to our finished product. Even more unusual, our processor performs the cutting of every bird by hand, in stark contrast to the larger plants that use machines to dramatically speed up the process.

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  • Chicken

    Our chickens are raised organically and are superior to conventional birds in many respects. We currently work with Larry Schultz’s Organic Farm, a leading producer within the organic poultry community. Our birds are never treated with chemical sprays or baths, unlike a vast majority of the industry. The USDA facility that we utilize processes every step by hand — each bird is hand-killed, hand-processed and hand-inspected. This attention to detail is unheard of within the traditional system. Our birds are also freezer-chilled, as opposed to the water or chemical baths found at most processing plants. The amount of time between our birds being killed to bagged is approximately 20 minutes, not the 2+ hours that is the norm at the large, traditional processors, thus ensuring a fresher product. The facility also features hand gutting, which helps them to identify any sick birds, a step not taken by most processing facilities. Lastly, at our plant, a USDA inspector checks every bird and is only asked to evaluate 4–5 birds per minute. In contrast, the pace typically found at most processors is 18+ birds per minute, and every bird is not individually checked.

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  • Duck

    We provide pasture-raised Ducks that are supplemented with a non-gmo grain ration. These birds are antibiotic and hormone free just like all other products we sell.

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  • Seafood

    We work directly with small family fishing camps and boats in Alaska. Each year we have our families hand select the best fish that comes aboard. It is then flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed and shipped to Iowa.

    We also carry wild gulf shrimp from Florida. Wood's Fisheries has a unique process in which they individually quick freeze their shrimp without the use of sodium bisulfate.

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  • Lamb

    Our 100% Grass-Fed Lamb is produced under the exact same guidelines as our beef. Christian Myrah and his family live in the rolling hills of Northeast Iowa. They raise more than 200 lambs each year for Wallace Farms.

    Our lamb will be a seasonal product….generally available later in December thru late spring into May.

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  • Eggs

    Our laying hens provide the true definition of ‘Pasture-Raised Eggs”.

    They are constantly foraging grasses, legumes, bugs and anything else they can find. The chickens are supplemented with a certified organic feed blend that is soy free. Winter months are spent in a half covered hoop house with access to straw bedding and access to the farm yard when weather permits. They behave much like humans and won’t go out in snowy or windy conditions. The eggs are washed and packed daily with a “best by” 2 month date but obviously they are good for much longer than that. Most eggs in the supermarket take weeks if not a month just to get to the store. We suggest you compare how our yolks look, taste and standup compared to any other variety.

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  • Pet Food

    Pet owners are discovering that a raw diet is extremely beneficial to their pet’s life. With that in mind we created a combination of beef heart, tongue, kidney, liver and fat.

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  • Gift Certificates

    Do you know someone who needs the “gift of good health”? Buy them a gift certificate today and let them experience Wallace Farms products for themselves.

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  • Apparel

    We now have Wallace Farms tee-shirts available for sale. We offer a variety of sizes and colors for men, women and children. When placing your next food order, please be sure to throw in a shirt to wear proudly! We appreciate the support!

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  • Health Education

    We live in a world full of health-related information and it's hard to know which advice is worthwhile. Over the last few years we have worked closely with some individuals who have launched programs dealing with “true health."

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