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How We’re Different

Cows In The Field

One of the biggest complaints about grass-fed beef is that the taste, quality and consistency are often inferior to grain-fed products. At Wallace Farms, we simply do not accept this notion and have made it our corporate mission to prove that grass-fed beef can taste great and be tender on a consistent basis.

At a minimum, you should find Wallace Farms meat to be the best-tasting, most consistent grass-fed beef available anywhere. But we also encourage you to compare our beef with the best grain-fed alternatives. Many people who have sampled Wallace Farms beef say that it tastes as good or better than anything else they’ve eaten—including the best that grain-fed has to offer.

Wallace Farms cattle are currently raised on lush grasslands in the Midwest by experienced family farmers who adhere to the highest standards in the industry. The personal touch that these producers provide lies in stark contrast with conditions found at most of the giant, corporate-driven feed lots, which furnish the vast majority of today’s cattle.

Our cattle eat nothing but grass and hay and are never given additives, synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics. Rather, these cattle eat what Mother Nature designed their bodies to digest—grass—nothing more and nothing less.

So, what did Wallace Farms discover that is beginning to make our company stand out among others in the growing grass-fed marketplace? Why does our grass-fed beef taste superior on a consistent basis? We believe it has everything to do with our soil, our grass, our genetics, our processing and our people.

Start With The Soil

Our premium beef begins with the soil. It is the foundation upon which our system is built. We constantly monitor soil fertility, measuring and adjusting levels as necessary. The superior quality of our grass-fed beef is directly linked to the nutrients that were present in the soil of the pastures used to raise each animal.

Nick In The Field

The Best Grass

Wallace Farms cattle producers also grow and manage the finest grass available in the industry and treat it like the important crop that it is. Many people might simply overlook the importance of grass quality in the overall equation. However, our company’s leaders and family farm partners realize that grass is a crucial element and another building block upon which our final product stands.

Our Grass

Select Animals & Premium Care

At Wallace Farms, our producers choose every animal with care, selecting cattle breeds that will excel in our production system. Then they personally manage the growth of each animal, without detrimentally “speeding up” the natural growth process that each animal will take in reaching their ultimate final weight. This critical step means that our cattle can often take 50 to 100% longer than typical grain-fed animals to reach their ideal size. Veteran grass-fed cattle entrepreneurs oversee all responsibilities in this area, fine-tuning every detail of the Wallace Farms commitment to quality.

Our Cows

Customized Processing

Wallace Farms utilizes a customized, stress-free processing method for the animal. Each animal is currently slaughtered and processed at a family-owned, state-of-the-art, USDA-approved meat processing facility. As with each aspect of the Wallace Farms system, this final step is in stark contrast to the way in which most of the huge meat processing plants operate.

Beef Packaging

Below are just three examples of how a careful and customized process can make all the difference:

  • The stress-level of an animal at the time that it is slaughtered can influence the taste and texture of its meat significantly. If an animal is experiencing a high level of stress just before slaughter, more acid will be present in the animal’s system and the quality of the animal’s meat will be poor. To counter this, our partners at Lorentz take great care to provide a calm and quiet environment, avoiding the assembly line methods utilized by many processing plants. Bottom line—we spend more time with each animal.

  • A USDA inspector at a typical processing facility might only have a handful of seconds to carefully inspect each animal during the critical slaughtering process. In contrast, the USDA inspector at the Lorentz facility often spends up to 15–30 minutes with each animal, continually checking for quality, thereby ensuring customer safety. This represents up to a 3000% increase in the inspection time spent with our beef.

  • The experienced professionals at Lorentz also take great care to cut and package our meat according to the customized specifications of our customers. This kind of processing takes a bit longer, but we are rewarded with a superior grass-fed product that tastes juicy and tender every time.

Experienced People

Lastly, Wallace Farms is inspired and led by experienced professionals in the grass and cattle industries. Our experts ensure that each step in the company’s grass-fed system is followed carefully and with caution. With leaders such as Steve Wallace and his large network and access to forage experts, the company sits on very solid, fertile ground.

The Wallace Crew

Wallace Farms is not driven to become the largest producer of grass-fed beef in the United States—just the best.