Wallace Farms

How it Works — Pick Up Orders

  • No Monthly Order Commitment.

  • Order When You Want.

  • Buy As Little or As Much As You Wish.

Register to Order

First, register to order. During the registration process, you can select a primary (and secondary) pick-up location. When the order window opens for your location(s), you will receive an email to let you know.


Order Window Opens

Each pick-up location has at least one order window per month—our Naperville warehouse generally has two per month. You must order during the order window or you will have to wait until the next cycle. The order window opens 7–10 days before pickup and the order window closes at midnight several days later. If you have questions about how the process works, please contact us here and we’ll be glad to help.

When an order window for your selected location(s) opens, you will receive an email notification.

Pick-Up Location

Pay Online / Pay at Pick-up

You can pay for your order online or pay at pick-up with cash or check. If you prefer to pay online, you are only allowed to do so up until midnight before the pick-up. This allows us a final opportunity to calculate who has pre-paid before our truck leaves for your pick-up. Credit cards are NOT accepted at pick-up to keep pick-up times short. Please note that credit cards are accepted at our Naperville pick-up because it’s a fixed warehouse location.

If you miss the payment window, don’t worry! You can still pay by cash or check when you pick up your order. You will receive email and text reminders (if you want them) along the way.

To view pick-up locations and their schedules, click here to visit the locations page.