Wallace Farms

Hardworking Hands

At Wallace Farms, we are proud of our adopted family who help us keep things moving. Without the hard work of these great people, Wallace Farms would be stuck in neutral.

Brett Heishman

Brett Heishman

Brett is the newest Wallace Farms employee, having joined the company in 2012. Growing up in a small Iowa farm town, he shares our love for common-sense agriculture and supplying customers with great food.

Brett works closely with Nick in all aspects of the company, including livestock and inventory management, sales, delivery, customer service, new business development, and whatever each unique day might bring.

Be on the look-out for Brett at your next pick-up!

Captain Ron

“Captain” Ron Angel

Ron Angel is truly a Wallace Farm “angel.” He oversees the Wallace Farms’ freezer and all of the logistics related to packing the hundreds of orders that we process each month. So, if you have a Wallace Farms’ box in your hands, the chances are that it all started with Ron.

Ron joined the company in 2011 and quickly became an integral part of our team. Nick calls him the glue that keeps us together and the oil that makes us run smoothly.